RBASSES - Scammed by Luthier ray roger of puerto rico


To who it may concern.Buyer beware of this individual.He will promise you the world to only end up having to buy the parts for YOUR INSRUMENT.He'll use old parts on your bass guitar if you dont notice.Plus the hold...3 years! Many lies! And finally the bass didnt have any specs of mine!!! He just do a jazz bass... Not what I ordered!!!!!!! I sold it the same day the bass to a big friend of mine! Danny Rocha...! He insulted me and told me that the puertorricans are $#!T and many other insults...

His telephone number is 7873909333


Honolulu, Hawaii, United States #1289397

I bought numerous basses form him, great basses, however the last bass I order from him, I was extremely disappointed.He made it to his specs and likes not what I order.

Now that he works in NY maybe he got better. one advice I will give; get the build specs on writing. Have him give you a receipt.

Also one thing take into consideration when buying this basses, He is a one person builder, he has no costumer service and no true in writing warranty.I suggest get one used.


I purchased a bass from Ray and never had a problem. Great bass.

to Bubba Hialeah, Florida, United States #994001

You got lucky not me!*** HIS BASS.IM TALKING ABOUT MY MONEY

to Anonymous #1058415

Ray Makes amazing basses.You probable tampered with the bass.

I have two awesome basses and they get better by the day!!!Everyone I know with a Roger bass is amazed by it.

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